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Our Background

Crewshield was founded in 2011 to develop a transportable armoured citadel as a safe refuge for crews threatened by piracy. Over the past 5 years the company has grown and developed its systems, particularly its land based citadel, in response to a growing demand for easily deployable saferooms for high risk environments around the world.

A veteran-owned UK company, our market leading system is deployed in 3 continents and is Patent protected in over 40 countries. We design and manufacture in the United Kingdom for worldwide deployment, our manufacturing base is in East Riding, Yorkshire.

Crewshield designs are based on the ISO container system. Having spent two years in Research and Development, we launched our first ballistic container system in April 2013. Our most recent Mark 4 citadel (MK4) was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Awards for Industry – Innovation 2016. Our standard citadel, housed in a 20ft ISO container, can accommodate 25 personnel but we also offer larger models that can seat up to 50 personnel.

Already widely deployed in medium and high risk locations worldwide, Crewshield armoured citadels provide duty of care and peace of mind to personnel across numerous sectors including oil and gas, mining, development and stabilisation missions.

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Mike was the initial proposer of the concept based on his experience as a Royal Navy officer specialising in explosive ordnance disposal, diving and boarding operations. He developed and registered the Crewshield patents in 2010. He left the Royal Navy after 12 years’ service and joined G4S in a senior commercial role while Crewshield became established. He left G4S in September 2013 to devote his full attention to the further development of Crewshield as its managing director.

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Lawrie spent 30 years with Tate & Lyle plc rising through various roles to UK Production Director and finally Group Production and Consumables Director. He started working at Phoenix Hull Ltd in 2002 to concentrate his skills in the production of specialist steel fabrications, including the Safetell ballistic resistant, rising screens and other physical security products.

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Started his career with Stelios Haji-ioannou at Stelmar Shipping in the Chartering department and has since worked for almost 15 years as a Shipbroker. He is currently a Director at Galbraiths Ltd and advises the company on sales and maritime applications.

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After 30 years in Financial Services and selling his business in 2001, he used his experience in Sales and Marketing to start a specialist company for national pre-payment of private orthodontic treatment. He now runs Blackdown Stalking in Somerset, specialising in deer management, stalker and firearms training. Peter advises the company on sales and marketing strategy.