Armoured Citadel

Anti-Piracy Shelter Armoured

Crewshield At Sea

Developed in response to the heavy rise in piracy off the East Coast of Africa the Crewshield Armoured Citadel provides a safe haven for personnel to retreat to in the event of attack.

Attacks and robberies continue to plague our shipping industry with 35 reported attacks against vessels globally in April/May ’16– IMO
Although deterrent and defensive systems, both active and passive, have improved significantly to counter the threat, pirates are still succeeding in capturing vessels.

Defensive Systems

“Although we have seen a decline in attacks against merchant shipping off the East Coast of Africa we are seeing a rise in attacks on the West Coast, particularly against product tankers.” Mike Samways Managing Director Crewshield Ltd.

We are also seeing a growth in attacks in Asia, the growing tension between the countries in the region, in particular regarding the conflict to claim the South China Sea between China and its neighbours, is disrupting international maritime cooperation to quell crime, IHS Jane’s 360.

Retreat to the Armoured Citadel

In the event of attack, crews and security personnel can retreat to a self-contained, easily loaded, deck mountable, secure Crewshield Armoured Citadel. Rescue forces can verify crew safety without having to search the bowels of a ship.

Crewshield-Logo-White3   Designed to resist restraint and racking stresses in rough seas, our citadels are fully weatherproofed and able to withstand the weight of six loaded, stacked shelters