The Ballistic Container

Ballistic Container

Crewshield On Land

Crewshield Ballistic Container Systems – Rapidly Deployable Worldwide – Protect Personnel 24/7

The changing political and economic situation around the world means that violent flashpoints occur frequently and unexpectedly. Many individuals – civilians, police or military personnel – find themselves living and operating in hostile conditions, liable to attack and kidnap.

Crewshield on land has been a considerable growth area for the company over the past 4 years.

Rapid Deployment

We supply our bespoke range of Ballistic Containers to oil majors, mining companies, development agencies and governments around the world.

The Crewshield Citadel is deployable by land, sea and air and has all power, water and other facilities pre-installed ready for instant occupation. Our designs allow our clients flexibility, choosing options that suits their specific project, not just a refuge but an ops room, living accommodation or valuable asset storage. The Ballistic Container based design gives our clients the flexibility to move the unit easily and discretely between projects.

World Class Security Product

Already widely deployed in medium and high risk locations worldwide, Crewshield armoured citadels provide duty of care and peace of mind to personnel across numerous sectors.

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