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Crewshield specialise in the design and manufacture of protected modular structures.  We can also advise and arrange a wide range of complimentary security products.

Crewshield Products are modular and have scalable levels of security and endurance. Whether you are protecting your crew at sea or on land we can tailor a product that it right for you.  Crewshield offer A TURN KEY solution which may be deployed quickly and efficiently worldwide with no specialist set-up. In times of growing uncertainty, a secure refuge should form an essential part of your effective security plan involving the protection of your vulnerable personnel in high-risk locations,


  • Duty of care for your personnel
  • Downtime mitigation – less time off task
  • Cost effective, flexible protection – can be deployed when and where required, and re-located easily, ensuring changing threat levels in different locations can be met.

Crewshield Armoured Citadels and Ballistic Container systems are discreet and covert – complementing existing protection strategies without drawing attention. With your vulnerable personnel safe and isolated from attackers, organic guard forces can operate efficiently. External rescue teams can resolve the situation effectively, knowing that any potential hostages are protected.

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    Manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 standards, housed within a 20’ ISO container.
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    No specialist skills or power tools required to install or operate.
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    Extremely portable and re-deployable intermodal design, deliverable via road, air or sea.
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    Modular design allows for client specific layouts.
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    No major in-service maintenance required.

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Cutting edge technology

Crewshield Armoured Citadels are designed to keep your personnel safe from external threats for extended periods through a range of anti-assault features and independent support systems which include: armoured protection, electrical power, air, water, sanitation and external communications. Our patented 20’ high capacity, high endurance citadel variant is BR6+ armoured as standard and comes with a range of communication options within our patented modular design, enabling us to build to bespoke client requirements. Capable of immediate operation in temperatures as high as 55°C, each unit has capacity for 24 persons and up to 96 hours completely independent operation after the loss of external power.

Discreet for sensitive environments

The external appearance of a shipping container disguises the true function of every citadel. Ideal for environments where situations can develop rapidly but a low profile presence is required, from exploration units to development agencies, our market leading system is deployed in 3 continents and is Patent protected in over 40 countries.

Rigorous testing

The safety of your personnel is in everything we do. Crewshield work tirelessly to incorporate the latest technology into our designs and our innovations have received recognition. Our latest Mark 4 Armoured Citadel (MK4) is manufactured to withstand small arms fire up to and including 7.62*39mm (Kalashnikov) and 7.62*51mm (NATO Ball) as standard and external bar armour and armour plating can be upgraded to withstand higher calibre weapons for defence against RPG attack.

Crewshield continue to evolve and innovate.

Ballistic Container Internal Power
Made in the UK


Crewshield-Logo-White2   Our Modular design allows us to create bespoke solutions.