Who We Work With

Who We Work With

Our Clients

Crewshield clients are diverse and operate worldwide; our products reflect the diversity of our clients operations and are modelled to suit both environment and usage. From mining exploration units operating in remote regions to development agencies working closely with the local community our Citadels offer discrete reassurance that your personnel and assets can remain safe should a situation develop.

To add value to the citadel, alongside its function as a safe room, our modular design allows for the adaptation of the unit to work in tandem with your daily operations. Options already requested by our clients include: work unit, vehicle checkpoint, operations room, command post, sleeping accommodation and secure temperature controlled storage.

Our twin, independent, self-contained air conditioning systems come as standard and operate in ambient temperatures up to +55C and 100% humidity. Built in seating, bunks, sanitation and water are also provided.


“An oil major was looking to carry out exploration in Kurdistan but was worried about the stability in the region. Their exploration team would be working multiple sites and they needed a flexible security solution that was easily transportable and would double up as a communications room and office”
“A global aid agency requested our services to provide a discrete security solution that would have a low impact in a particularly sensitive region. The Citadel gave personnel reassurance that there was a security solution available to them even if a sizeable guard force was not.”

Shipped globally

Our products are manufactured to the highest quality.  We are able to ship globally and can support installation and training on site if required. 

Our Trusted Partners – We Work with organisations strategically placed worldwide to advise and supply Crewshield products.

Crewshield-Logo-White2   Leading innovation in safe haven development, when protecting your people, compromise is not an option.